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#1 Diet Secret

Timing is everything!

At different times in your life different diet strategies will work for you. Finding the right strategy for you is key.

The #1 diet secret, that will work for most people, is to shift your calories.

Typically we eat our largest meal in the evening and in addition snack in front of television later. There are many advantages to shifting calories towards the morning and noontime. Eating earlier allows the body time to burn off those calories rather than turn them into fat while you sleep. Following these simple rules will make weight loss much easier for you.

Eat a good breakfast to kick-start your metabolic engine and begin burning calories early in the day.

Make lunch your main meal, to give your body the nutrients it needs.

Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day, taken at least 5 hours before bedtime.

If you get a little hungry in the evening, have a nice glass of milk.


Timing is the key!

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