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Our Book

Why Weight?
Diet Successfully Now!

By Cathleen Lynch

In the first pages of "Why Weight" you will discover a fresh approach to weight loss. Most diet books don't address the real causes of weight gain.
   Further on in the book you will find your mind and body work together to gain or lose weight. "Why Weight" is a complete but simplified account of weight loss practices based on scientific fact, not the hype and sensationalism usually associated with a diet.
   Everything you need to know about weight loss is contained in the first 100 pages of the book.
   Just as important as the book is the one month's free support you are entitled to for purchasing the book. Experts agree that support is very important to the success of a weight loss plan and private counseling can be very expensive. Next...

Topics Include:
Why we gain weight

Influences of society

Healthy living

The fast start

Fighting depression

Food records


Supplementing with vitamins

Exploring the mind


Ideal weight tables


Problem solving

Diet plans


Food Calorie

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