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   What Is Design-A-Diet?

As individuals we each have different calorie requirements, exercise levels, body metabolisms and food preferences. Why should we think that everyone can lose weight on the same diet plan?
   Design-A-Diet is building a diet specifically for you, as if you were going to a weight counselor, everyday, for a month and together developing the perfect plan for your individual needs.
   Most diets fail because you can't stick to it. Design-A-Diet is a plan that you can stay with because it is made just for you . When you order "Why Weight" you are not just getting an eBook, but a program designed specifically for your needs. Beyond your individualized plan, you also receive one month's free support, from me - Cathy.
   You can get to know me better by clicking on: A Helping Hand. But friendship is a two-way street, so I'll need to get to know you, too. By filling out my questionnaire, you can tell me what you want and need, so that we can design your personal diet program. Once I send you my eBook, you can e-mail me anytime you have a question or a problem, or if you simply want to talk.
   In return, I'll ask questions of you that will help me make suggestions as to how you can trim down. We'll write every day if you want to. I'll be your food buddy, ready to support you anyway I can "for 4 weeks", and there are no outrageous counseling fees. Just a one-time fee for the purchase of my book, Why Weight? Diet Successfully Now!
In my book, you will find out why you gained weight. The answers might surprise you! Once you know why, you can remove the causes of weight gain from your life. Weight will not be be a problem for you anymore.
Why Weight? contains all the information I have learned, over 20 years of study, all of my secrets for success. When you have questions about what you read in the book, e-mail me and, I will respond ASAP. Write me about anything. The more you tell me, the more I'll have to work with; and you will have a better chance of reaching your goals. Next...

Let us design a diet thats right for you.

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