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Cathy's Comment Corner

My Kind of Humor

People say I have no sense of humor.

I believe that is partly due to the fact that most jokes poke fun at less fortunate folks and because I carry a fair amount of responsibility most of the time. I take my job and raising my two children, Evan and Katie, seriously and hope I’ll leave this world a little better off than I found it. To outsiders, I can seem a pretty serious gal.

One day, before leaving for work, I left a large note on the refrigerator door, reminding everyone that our cat Pepper had an appointment with the veterinarian at 5:30 that evening and to please try to keep her in the house. Mentally exhausted from a long day of bad news at work, I arrived home at 5 o’clock and viola! No cat in sight. We called to her, roaming the house, the back yard, the front yard and still no Pepper.

Finally ready to call the vet and cancel, I went into the kitchen to get the phone, and there was Pepper, like magic. We’re late, real late, but I call to Evan and the three of us rush to the vet anyway. Pepper was none too happy, but the visit is routine. The vet gives her the shots she is due and we pile back in the car and head for home. Not too far into the trip, though, Evan loses his grip on Pepper, now at the end of her patience. She climbs up onto my shoulder and digs into my new blue coat with the plush velvet lining. Almost like she is sitting in my hood. I pet Pepper, happy that she has not decided to crawl across the dash or under my feet, and she settles down.

I tell Evan that this is the point where cats usually find an inconvenient place, like under the seat, to pee. Seconds later, I feel her heaving and know she is going "number 2" on my shoulder. What could I do?

Well, Evan flipped out, as teenagers often do, when faced with something too gross to consider, and I just started cracking up. The smell was horrible. I know my long hair always lays across my shoulder. We were in hysterics the rest of the way home. I can’t remember ever laughing harder. Pepper was just riding up there, hanging on tight.

And they say I have no sense of humor.

© 2002 Cathy Lynch All Rights Reserved


The Infamous Pepper
The Infamous Pepper



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