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Welcome to where you will find simple solutions to weight loss and the support you need to reach your goals. The keys to losing weight are as individual as you are, let's find your key together. We hope this site is informative and friendly. Browse around and if you need help with anything, just use the "contact us" link on the left.

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If I can do it, you can too!
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If I can do it so can you!

 Are your food choices sabotaging your weight loss goals? The glycemic index may have the insight
you need to win at losing.

Read our article on the latest research in weight loss.



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   Do You want to know:
   Why you gained weight? (The answers might surprise you!)


   Why gaining weight is not your fault.

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   How to double your metabolic rate without pills.

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   Why you have cravings

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   How to eat out, without overeating.

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   When is the best time to exercise

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   How to lose weight and still eat the foods you love.

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   How to get a fast start on dieting.

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   How to use vitamin supplements properly.

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Easy Weight Loss Easy Weight Loss
Weight loss is easy when you choose the right beverage! Select a link below to learn how, what you drink, may be the downfall of your diet. Use our calorie calculator to find out how many calories your beverage adds to your diet each year.


Soda                     Coffee                       Alcohol
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Here is a tip that will work for almost everyone...


Food Portion Size
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Diet Supplements
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Test your nutrient knowledge.
Food Calorie Table    Food Calorie Counter    

Need to know how many calories are in a certain food? Check out the caloric value of foods table. But please be patient, it is a large list and takes some time to download, if you are on a slow connection.

Winning The Dry Skin War    
Try this new, dry skin remedy, for yourself and say "bye, bye" to dry, winter skin.
Diet Tips From Dieters  
Speak up guys! E-mail me with your helpful hints and I will post them here.

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New recipes that are delicious and healthy. Check back weekly for a new selection.

Cathy's Comment Corner From The Desk Of Cathy    
Always something new at Cathy's comment corner. Make you laugh, make you cry, maybe even make you think a little.
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Here is a form you can print out to record your food choices throughout the day. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this form.
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