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    A Helping Hand

Everyone can use a little help losing weight.
Dieting is difficult. I want to be your food buddy
and help you reach your goals. We all need
support to lose weight. I've been to the chat
rooms, and people out there can be cruel.
So let's talk, just the two of us.

   For us to be friends, we'll need to get to know
one another a little better. Let me tell you about myself.

Fruit And Vegetables For A Healthy You

   My name is Cathy. I studied Nutrition and Food Science at Cornell University and
received my Bachelor of Science degree in 1981.

   With what I had learned at Cornell, I was able to lose the weight I had put on during
my college years and maintain my weight nicely until I became pregnant with my son.
At the time, I did not worry about gaining -- but after his birth, I had some serious
weight to lose. I began reading every diet book I could get my hands on and spent
hours in the library researching scientific methods of weight loss.

   Once again, I brought my weight under control and felt that I could help others lose
weight also. I began counseling weight loss at local fitness centers. Unfortunately, I
found that I had to develop all of my own educational materials, because available
diets were incomplete and contained more sensationalism than science.

   Eventually, I compiled everything I found out about losing weight into a book on
permanent weight control. A combination of scientific fact, education, motivation,
and dietary balance. Now I want to guide you through this book, as a friend,
supporting your efforts toward your goals. Next...

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