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Winning The Dry Skin War

People have always told me how young I look for my age and I suppose this has lead me to be a bit vain about my skin. I follow all the all the skin care basics I have the time for and ascribe to the philosophy, “Above all, be gentle to your skin.”

     The skin is a protective barrier for the entire body, designed to keep germs out and water and other nutrients in. Harsh treatment will damage its surface and reduce the skin’s ability to perform these duties. In winter, when the house can get as dry as the Sahara Desert, I only wash my face with warm water and a fresh washcloth, then moisturize, twice a day. I use soap-free cleansers on the rest of me, like glycerin bars.

     I also try to keep warm. The body will reduce blood flow to the skin to preserve heat and can thus deprive the skin of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. I also run a humidifier in the bedroom and of course I moisturize. My one serious offense is I love long, hot showers.

     Despite all of my efforts to protect, winter always brings dry skin. Thick creams and lotions have never been able to prevent the dry, flaky skin I despise. That is, until this winter. Perhaps it is the combination of product and technique that I am using this winter that is giving me such good results. (Or maybe it’s just my imagination?)

     The only way you’ll ever find out is to try it. The technique is “all important.” After you finish your shower and rinse well, wring out your wet face cloth and dry your body off with it, instead of a towel. Keep wringing it out as you go. Still in the shower, surrounded by all that lovely moisture, apply your moisturizer. Keri, Shower and Bath Oil has been working for me. On my face, I use something lighter. By the time I wrap my hair in a towel and brush my teeth, I’m completely dry and ready to dress and win, the dry skin war.


Cathy’s Skin Care Basics:

Be gentle to your skin.

Take short, warm showers.

Use non-soap cleansers

Wash your face with plain warm water.

Run a humidifier in winter.

Moisturize twice daily.

Your moisturizer shouldn’t contain alcohol.

Dry with a wet cloth.

Keep warm and exercise.

Apply sunscreen.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat a well balanced diet.

Get as much sleep as you can!

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