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Bigger Is Better But Free Is Great

Two ideas we hold dear to our hearts are: if it's free take it and buying in bulk is cheaper. Portions are ballooning in every eatery and so is the American waistline. Just because your dinner plate arrives with a two pound potato or enough pasta to feed three people doesn't mean you should eat it.

Super size it? No way! It costs you more in money and calories. Imagine slicing off a king cut of prime rib at home -- you'd never do it. Why? Because, you don' t need it. Marketing schemes are meant to control you and make money. Question every offer before going along with the con.

When someone offers you a cookie, a candy or a free snack, ask your body if it wants it. Don't take it just to be polite. Weight control is serious business, rules of etiquette do not apply. If you wouldn't pay for it, don't take it. It's not worth what it really costs you.


Are Increased Portion Sizes  Hindering Your Weight Loss Success?

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