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Activity Calorie Counter

How many calories do you burn up in a day? Setting the calorie limit for your diet plan,
begins with finding out how many calories you expend each day.

What is your current weight in pounds?

Are you:   Male Female

Activity Hours

  How many hours a day do you spend (make sure the total hours add up to 24):


  In very light activity?
       (Sitting, Standing Still, Shopping, Driving)

  In light activity?    
        (Vacuuming, Cooking, Auto Repair, Manufacturing Line, Golf, Bowling, Roller Skating)

  In moderate activity?    
       (Walking Quickly, Washing Floors, Carpentry, Painting, Aerobics, Hiking, Tennis, Jogging)

  In heavy activity?    
       (Moving Furniture, Construction, Boxing, Running, Skiing, Cycling (hard))



    These figures represent likely calorie expenditures by average persons
     and are not intended to be used in the treatment of medical conditions.

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